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The Waste

It's not just poo and dead fish....

There were 189,707 Tonnes of salmon produced in Scotland in 2017.

The recognised Feed Conversion Ration (FCR) is 1.2. That is: 1.2kg of feed to 1kg of Salmon.

Therefore, the industry polluted the sea with AT LEAST 40,000 Tonnes of toxic manure in 2017 and probably many thousand Tonnes of uneaten food.

The marine ecosystem is the beating heart of the sea.

This pollution is:

  • Untreated

  • Unregulated

  • Unsustainable

Imagine if every livestock farmer was allowed to pollute the environment unhindered this way. We'd be up to our neck in it.

Although Salmon farming has escalated rapidly in the last 10 years, the marine ecosystem has been polluted in this way for over 40 years. They have NEVER cleaned any of it up.

Throughout ALL discussions of environmental regulation, meeting targets, improving performance, sustainability etc, NOTHING is imposed on this unfettered waste.

It gets worse. 

In order to deal with parasites, pathogens, skin disease, gill disease, eye disease and other contractable diseases and virii, millions of gallons of chemicals such as pesticides and Hydrogen Peroxide are being dumped in and form compounds with faecal matter and uneaten fish pellets.

See below for a video showing of what's going on below a Salmon farm....

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