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The People

A list of the implicated people in the Scottish Salmon farming scheme:

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Fergus Ewing MSP

Scottish Secretary for Rural Economy.

Studied law, son of Winnie Ewing "Madam Ecosse".

Only comments on negative effects to salmon farming such as "Brexit", "The detractors", "negativity in the press", etc.

He has made it his job to grow the industry at all costs, by means of public and private investment and misleading rhetoric.

Complaints of "bullying" made by colleagues still overshadow his tenure. Currently under investigation for bullying Marine Scotland staff. 

He has made 25 unrecorded meetings with salmon farm lobbyists. No minutes, nothing.

Has decided to ban shooting seals to conform with US animal welfare laws.

He refuses to quote net profits to Scotland.


"UKs largest food export"

"Premium product"

"Growth is required"

"Sustainable industry"

It is unclear what Fergus means when he says "the status-quo is not an option".

Does he mean that the size of the industry isn't big enough (we know his answer there is yes) or does he actually acknowledge the dire welfare and environmental situation? 

His latest stunt is to try and prove, with the help of Marine Scotland etc, that salmon farms CAN live in harmony with wild fish. Maybe he should have tried that 40 years ago with a "precautionary principle" back then with rigorous environmental impact assessments?

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Roseanna Cunningham

Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate and Land Reform.

Despite holding such a responsible position in Govn't, she provides a token nod to wild salmon and is implicated in promoting and defending salmon farming.

Answers letters impersonally through the Public Engagement Group. Generic speak, weasel words and promotes the "good work being done".

Nothing "good" has yet been seen unfortunately.


"Pristine waters"

"Wild salmon are an iconic species".

Exactly what has this person done for the Environment? Salmon farming certainly hasn't improved matters and as far as protection is concerned, she has done nothing to stop thousands of tonnes of raw toxic sewage from being dumped into the sea. She has never even tried to put any safeguards in place to protect wild fish from farmed salmon diseases, viruses, pathogens and lice.

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Julie Hesketh-Laird

The outgoing Chief Executive of Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation.

This public face is a spin doctor par-excellence!

She is guilty of playing down disease and parasite outbreaks with glib soundbites, focussing on how great the SSPO is at reporting all their failings.

As if that makes it any better!


"A few fish". (actually an entire feedlot of diseased and dying fish)

"Premium product" - and then miraculously:

"An affordable supply of protein for a growing population".

Julie could be applauded for her unwavering defence of an indefensible organisation. But it must end sometime and when the facts are laid out, it looks like it might not end well.

Replaced with Tavish Scott, former  Liberal Democrat MSP. 

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Heather Jones

Chief Executive of Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC).
Actively avoiding welfare issues with attacks at anyone who says anything constructively disparaging of the industry.
"Partiality of questioning"
"Ill informed commentary"
"Fish health and welfare are second to none".
This was in response to the REC Committee Enquiry.
Second to non-existent you mean Heather!
She is employed to attract private & tax payers money to subsidise, bolster and promote private fish farming businesses - the majority of which are foreign owned with Billionaire majority shareholders.
"£39 Million to date and more to come", she brags.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 18.53.27.jpg

Ben Hadfield

Managing Director of MOWI Scotland.

Completely brick walls any criticism of MOWI (formerly Marine Harvest).

Blocks Twitter accounts, Facebook contributors, answers no written enquiries and has a Non Disclosure Agreement system for all employees.

What has he got to hide?



"Unsubstantiated opinions"

"Environmental benefits"

"Scotlands largest sustainable food sector".



Whether he actually believes any of this is anyone's guess.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 09.44.17.jpg

John Fredriksen

The major shareholder of Marine Harvest, now MOWI.
Made his fortune by being the "lifeline to the Ayatollah" in the 80s with risky oil tanker shipments during Iran/Iraq conflict.
He now owns more than £10Billions worth of shares in MOWI.
Just how much does he get from salmon farming in Scotland and how much does Scotland net?
Remember, there is huge investment of tax payers cash in salmon farming, much of which this character will pocket.
"When the market goes to hell, it's more of an opportunity than a problem." John Fredriksen

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Nicola Sturgeon

First Minister of Scotland

Relying heavily on Fergus Ewing and Roseanna Cunningham, she resolutely stands behind the salmon farming industry.

Applauds the "£1 Billion in exports" the industry has brought but shies away from any direct public engagement on anything that Fergus, Roseanna or Derek Mackay (Finance Minister) hasn't already said.


"Listen, we have an enviable reputation for the quality of our salmon worldwide".

"I wait with interest on the findings of the RE&C Committee report and will act with due haste on the findings"......

The country, the environment and marine ecosystem are still waiting.


Hamish MacDonnell

"Jumped up journalist" MacDonnell used to be a freelance writer, focussing on Scottish business & political affairs - he even worked at Westminster.

Now he is Director of Strategic Engagement with the SSPO!

So how is this going? Well after a train-crash of an interview on BBC Landward he seems to have vanished from public engagement, preferring to engage directly with Fergus Ewing IN SECRET.

Known for not enjoying the work of Professor Richard Hawkins, well - why would he? Hawkins wrote "The Selfish Gene" and tells the truth on sustainable Development - suggesting that farming salmon at sea is counter-productive to a sustainable future.


"Feeding a growing population"

"Ask the producers"

Heaven help us 

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