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A Listing of Scottish Salmon Feedlot Operators

Updates imminent - the page is a bit out of date - apologies!


This largest feedlot operator in Scotland.
Formerly Marine Harvest.
Norwegian owned.
In Scotland, Mowi operates 25 sea farms, plus three hatcheries (in Lochailort,Finfish and Inchmore), four freshwater loch sites, a harvest station in Mallaig and a processing plant in Fort William. Head office is in Rosyth and all produce is atlantic salmon. There is also a processing plant located in Rosyth.
Turnover 2017: £368,630,000
Profit: £120,150,000
No UK tax recorded on Tax Return.

The Scottish Salmon Company

Turnover 2017: £156,946,000

Profit: after tax: £18,405,00

Tax: £5,593,000

Owned by 

Scottish Sea Farms Ltd

Owned jointly by Norwegian companies SalMar and Leroy.

Group Turnover 2017: £200,076,000

Profit: £62,253,000

They talk of being producers of "one of the world’s tastiest and healthiest foods" and they have recipes on their website. 

They were recently awarded £1.26 Million of Scottish cash to bolster a £48 Million hatchery which was "officially opened in November 18", they are currently denying that it is actually open......

Documents obtained via Freedom of Information reveal that risks over the spread of deadly Infectious Salmon Anaemia delayed (or cancelled altogether) a shipment of 2.5 million salmon ova (eggs) from AquaGen in Norway to Scottish Sea Farms in November 2018".

They state on their Tax return that they are primarily focussed on the production of "Scottish Atlantic Salmon".......

However, the Scottish Government have allowed hundreds of millions of potentially infected ova to be imported from Norway since the 1990s despite Norway's ban on the import of ova from Scotland due to disease risks. 90% of the ova for 'Scottish' Salmon farms in 2017 were foreign (mostly from Norway) with over 500 million ova imported since 2003.

How long will it be before the Advertising Standards Authority catch up with these Salmon farmers and put a stop to their misleading info?

In August 2018, Scottish Sea Farms and The Scottish Salmon Co tried to block pictures of dead, decaying and diseased salmon from public release. But after internal discussions ministers rejected their pleas, and released more than 300 photos taken by fish health inspectors investigating mass deaths at salmon farms. They were published by The Ferret on 27 June 2018, and have been seen by over 22,000 readers.

Fishy Rating: 10/10

Cooke Aquaculture


Loch Duart Ltd

17% of Loch Duart Salmon is owned by the Scottish Government. They have received more money in the form of grants and loans than any other Salmon farming company in Scotland, from the Scottish Government's own development agencies. 

They also are subject to very few fish welfare and health inspections, despite one of the worst mortality events in 2018 and a long term track record of relatively high mortality. Zero inspections were carried out in 2018.

Clearly Government ministers have been taken in by the claims of Loch Duart being "The sustainable salmon company - extraordinary salmon".

However, Don Staniford has gathered evidence to the contrary of these claims. In fact, Loch Duart don't seem to be very sustainable after all (no salmon farming is of course!):


Fishy Rating: 9/10

Greig Seafood Shetland Ltd


Dawnfresh Farming Ltd


Wester Ross Salmon


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