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MOWI - Polluters Par Excellence.

What a company! Having just lost 50,000 diseased and disfigured salmon from Norwegian or Icelandic brood stock into the rivers up and down the west coast, they want to put a "mega farm" in Kilbrannan sound - a marine water body that separates the Kintyre Peninsula from the island of Arran.

MOWI are serving us up a recipe for MORE disaster.

Here, thanks to Corin Smith at are some helpful news links for your delectation.

MOWI Scotland failure lets 50,000 farmed salmon escape

70,0000 factory salmon escape from MOWI Scotland salmon farm near Colonsay

MOWI Scotland under investigation "for possible misreporting of chemical use"

Toxic fish farm pesticide polluted ten lochs across Scotland

APHA told MOWI Scotland: 'You have not been able to show that adequate actions were taken in the period between 10/7/19 to the 12/08/19 in order to promote the welfare of the lumpfish under your responsibility."

MOWI Scotland forced to close salmon farm that failed environmental standards for over a decade

Scottish island community says NO to MOWI Scotland's advances

MOWI Scotland has problems with sea lice

MOWI Scotland rapped over fish welfare after 700,000 deaths

Job losses to come at MOWI Scotland?

Salmon producer MOWI Scotland sees profits hit by lice, disease and escapes

Record Deaths on salmon farms

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