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Fishy Figures

A recent reply from the Scottish Exchequer, on the subject of “Net Benefits to Scotland from Salmon Farming“ exposed some interesting comments and figures.

We know that HMRC handles the taxes so it must be quite “difficult” to divvy up who gets what, even for the Scottish Government department who know how to do it - especially given that more than 75% of the industry is foreign owned.

Nonetheless, since it is Scotland’s largest food export and features prominently in Fergus Ewing’s trophy cabinet, a fairly accurate figure would be expected.

Note how the Scottish Exchequer is confident in supplying a figure of £216 Million “Gross Value Added” to the economy from aquaculture and 2,300 jobs.

Compare this with Fergus Ewing’s figures of £540 Million and 10,000 respectively for Salmon farming ALONE!

Fishy Rating: Off the scale!

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