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Loch Duart: "Extraordinary Salmon"

Corin Smith has investigated the workings of Loch Duart:

"Catastrophic Conflict of Interests Emerging.

Can the Scottish Government be an investor, promoter and a genuinely independent regulator of salmon farming at the same time?

After months of investigations into the financial links between the Scottish Government and salmon farm operators I'm now in a position to begin to reveal the information.

The Scottish Government owns apprx 17% of a private, profit making salmon farming company. That company is Loch Duart Ltd.

Loch Duart has also received millions of taxpayer's funds in the form of grants from the Scottish Government to support the business. I will release details of that over the coming weeks

Loch Duart have one of the worst mortality records of all salmon farmers. Based on information available at the time of writing, Loch Duart were not inspected by Scottish

Government fish health agencies in 2018.

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